Pendle Martial Arts Virtual Dojo:

Welcome! With The Academy currently closed and uncertainty with Coronavirus when we may re-open we have put together a number of recommendations of virtual learning that can help you whilst we are closed. We have broken the videos/links down into sections, if you have any recommendations or requests drop us an e-mail: and we will do our best to assist. To watch the videos simply 'copy' the link and 'paste' it into the address bar.

For our Junior Ju-Jitsu Students we have uploaded all off our Syllabuses to the website so there is no excuse not to practice. Any of the techniques you are unsure of Google/YouTube will be able to assist.
Also visit: which is a great website for resources.
Click Virtual Classes for our weekly Junior Ju-Jitsu Classes with Sensei Cat.

Solo BJJ Drills:

-33 Solo BJJ Drills BJJ Solo Total Body Workout:
-54 Solo Drills:
- BJJ Solo Total Body Workout:
-10 Solo Takedown Drills:

BJJ Fundamentals:

-Fundamentals 1:

-Fundamentals 2:

-Fundamentals 3:

-Fundamentals 4:

-Submissions from Side Control: 

-Submissions from Closed Guard:

-Ground Escapes: 

-Submissions from Bad Positions:

-Sweeps, Subs & Reversals:

Judo/Throwing Drills:

- Solo drills for throws:
-Fundamental Judo Techniques:
-BJA (British Judo Association) Red Belt Syllabus:
-BJA Yellow Belt Syllabus:
-BJA Orange Belt Syllabus: 
-BJA Green Belt Syllabus:
-BJA Blue Belt Syllabus: 
-BJA Brown Belt Syllabus:  


- Ben Poppleton on The Raspberry Ape Podcast:
-Mauricio Gomes on The Raspberry Ape Podcast: 
-Ffion Davies on The Raspberry Ape Podcast: 
-Lucio 'Lagarto' Rodrigues on The Raspberry Ape Podcast:

Other Helpful Info:


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